Taking the iconic Portuguese Chair as a starting point, Estarreja City Hall has paid tribute to Adico, on the occasion of its hundredth anniversary, with a public artwork by Diogo Aguiar Studio, called "Círculo Azul".

In the words of the author, "it constitutes a new public space in the green Municipal Park of Antuã. It is built as a lacy pavilion in the landscape, from the reinterpretation of the traditional Portuguese chair 5008. Giving it a prominent place, by its elevation in the territory, the artistic intervention works the dematerialization of the chair by its repetition from 40 units geometrically positioned and manipulated to allow a privileged view over the surroundings".

In addition to being an artistic tribute to Adico's iconic piece, this work is a new facility for the community's use and a new place for sharing and conviviality, intimacy and proximity for new dialogues, simultaneously highlighting the function and reason for existence of the honoured piece.