Adelino Dias Costa

The story of a man with a dream

Adelino Dias Costa, founder of Adico and considered one of the great entrepreneurs of his time, was born in Avanca, on December 2nd, 1892. From an early age, he revealed his entrepreneurial side and will to pursue his dream.

Adelino Dias Costa

The passion for locksmithing

At the age of 20, he moved to Lisbon to do his military service and it was there that he started working in the art that enchanted him: metalworking. The experience he gained in the companies he worked for, the technique and the deep knowledge of how to mold metal and other materials, were characteristics that would prove decisive for his future.

It was after opening a small workshop in Lisbon, and from where he began to produce pieces considered revolutionary for their time, that Adelino was sure that everything could work out and that the realization of his great dream was possible!



He then decided to return to his hometown to set up an industry there dedicated to manufacturing metal furniture. And so Adico was born, the oldest metal furniture factory in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe.

Since then, Adelino never stopped. The business began to evolve, to grow and to stand out in the sector for its quality, innovation and design. And today, Adico is one of the best companies in its sector in Portugal and Europe.

The Benjamin Dias Costa Foundation

Throughout his life, Adelino Dias Costa never forgot his social and humanist side. Awarded with the Comenda da Ordem de Benemerência, he left us an enormous legacy, an example of which is the Benjamim Dias Costa Foundation, founded to support the pre-school education of the factory workers' children.

Today, the Foundation has a social vocation that extends to Avanca and the neighboring parishes, promoting an educational response from kindergarten to pre-school.

Walking slowly, but always steadily, through a countless number of obstacles and surrounded at times by great difficulties, I managed to reach the end of this journey with enough strength to start a new étape, and, although slowly, I will never disdain this eagerness for Progress that has always dominated me, without, however, running over the remaining motto I have adopted: HONOR and WORK.

Adelino Dias Costa


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