As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations, Adico challenged the students of the Industrial Design Project Course Unit of the Master Degree in Industrial and Product Design of the University of Porto to present a set of products that could be included in the universe of objects to be produced by the company, under the motto "Design for the next 100 years".

In the first edition of the Adico Award, each student was invited to develop two or three products that could be combined, but did not depend on each other, obeying a set of specificities, the main one being the "prohibition" of giving in to the temptation of designing a chair.

With this Award, Adico intends to stimulate a reflection on the timeless character of the brand and its desired permanence and continuous affirmation in the world metal furniture market. "The typology of the objects it produces - for its timelessness, durability, functionality and very own aesthetic commitment - makes ADICO part of the visual memory of most Portuguese people", explains Lígia Lopes, coordinator of the course unit.