After Porto, Lisbon hosts Adico's second location outside its usual premises.

Located in the Simol Building, in the vicinity of a former armament factory, Adico's new showroom is born in collaboration with Loft Design, one of the brand's longtime partners, with the aim of offering interior design professionals a unique and inspiring experience.

In the new Adico showroom, you can find models that are part of both collections - Outdoor and Classics - with a significant emphasis on Loungefurniture. This includes the Gio Chair, a special edition designed in partnership with the stylist Gio Rodrigues, and the iconic #5008 Portuguese Chair.

Rui Mendes and Adelino Araújo, the architects responsible for Loft Design, highlight their relationship with Adico, which spans over 20 years and has now taken a new step with the opening of the showroom in Lisbon. "This is a natural progression in the Loft Design / Adico relationship. We now have at our disposal, along with all our partners and clients, a space where we can display the brand's extensive portfolio, which we believe will enable us to reach new audiences and undertake new projects," they mention.

Miguel Carvalho, Adico's administrator, expresses great excitement about the opening of this new space, "both for what it means to our Loft Design partners, who have long felt the need for a 'live catalog' to work with Adico's offerings in a more organized manner, and because it allows us to demonstrate the diversity of environments where our products can shine or complement, as well as the versatility of solutions we have to offer, always with the stamp of a century-old brand that is present in over 30 countries and has a deep passion for design in its DNA. We believe that our new showroom will inspire and engage all who visit us," he states.

Contact Information:

Adico Lisbon Showroom | Simol Building | Loft Design
Rua Fernando Palha, 50 a 54 – 2º andar, Lisboa

Schedule your appointment: / 961 712 925 – Rui Mendes